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Neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse, MD, discusses how running labs to learn where your body is on the disease spectrum, or biohacking, can help you uncover problematic health patterns like hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, leptin resistance and thyroid disorders. Dr. Kruse also reveals how biohacking can identify areas of focus to help you can reach optimal health.

See below and sign up for our free Biohacking 101 eCourse to learn which labs to run, how to begin making sense of the results and some bonus strategies to get health insurance to pay for labs. Your labs provide the “proof” you need to successfully advocate for better care and treatment and provide context so you can do your due diligence to become your own best doctor on the path to optimal.

  • How many times have you tried something that someone represented as the holy grail to wellness, only to discover it didn’t really work for you?
  • Have you changed your diet to the right foods, only to feel frustrated because you’re not losing the weight you wanted to?
  • Have you “tried everything” to help you have more energy, only to feel more exhausted after the effort?

Maybe you’ve tried magnesium or iodine loading or special fasts to detoxify. You sometimes feel a little better, but you’re not really getting the results you’re going for: the total alleviation of your symptoms, ENERGY, no disease and optimal health.

Figuring out your own n=1 is challenging. While great content and lessons on biology can be helpful to better understanding your own biology, what we all need is the YOU ARE HERE arrow on the map to help us navigate intelligently.

If you walked into a mall you had never been in before, chances are the first thing you’d look for is the mall’s directory to help you orient yourself to what is available for shopping. But the list of stores and their layout can only take you so far. What you really need is the “YOU ARE HERE” arrow to help you understand where you’re at in relation to all the shopping goodness.


Without that arrow, it’s hard to figure out how to get to specific stores, where you’re at in relation to the mall’s configuration, etc.

When it’s hard to get around, you’re FRUSTRATED.


You might end up wasting money, too. And when time is up, you may not get what you came to the mall for in the first place.

This is where labwork comes in. And not just any labwork; you need to run the right labs and understand how to use the data they share with you.

Smart biohacking will help you cut to the chase and save time, money, energy, frustration and EFFORT to help you create your breakthroughs faster and easier.

If you have been resisting getting your labs done (or biohacking, as it’s commonly called) because of fear, money or inconvenience, or if the process just seems intimidating, we want to help you get started! If you’ve started biohacking and aren’t quite getting the clarity that you need to tackle your n=1, we’ve got some great insight for you.

And if you’re an experienced biohacker, we’re gonna help you raise your game!

The Biohacking 101 e-course will teach you:

  • A list of optimizing labs you need to run to get a clearer picture of your own n=1 and to see where you stand on the optimal spectrum
  • How to get your insurance to pay for labs
  • How to order those labs yourself if you experience resistance from your doctor
  • An Optimal Lab Values worksheet to help you begin to make sense of your lab values
  • Some biohacking ninja secrets for analyzing your labs,
  • A framework for analyzing how your internal and external environment are affecting your health,
  • The sequence in which you target healing so that you course correct PERMANENTLY, increasing the odds of achieving optimal (remember those protocols you’ve tried with less-than-optimal results?)
  • Tips on how to find a doctor who will order labs for you and support you on your journey to optimal

… and many other gems that will help you better-understand your own n=1 and advocate for your health!

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